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We offer expert legal guidance in real estate transactions, commercial mortgage lending, co-op and condo representation, construction and development, and commercial leasing. With seasoned attorneys dedicated to client success, our firm delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to each unique need, ensuring confidence and protection in every legal endeavor.

We offer over 30 years experience in Commercial Real Estate Transactions & Lending.

Welcome to Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC – Your premier partner in navigating the New York real estate landscape.

Discover the unparalleled expertise of Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC, your trusted guide to the intricacies of New York real estate law, located in the heart of Manhattan. As a leading law firm dedicated exclusively to New York real estate transactions, Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC, brings a proven track record and unwavering commitment to maximize your success in the dynamic and competitive New York real estate market.

At Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC, we recognize that New York real estate transactions demand a unique blend of legal acumen, market insight, and a deep understanding of applicable federal, state and local regulations. We leverage our extensive experience to navigate the complexities of New York real estate transactions, providing tailored solutions aligned with your strategic goals.

Choose Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC for a team of seasoned attorneys that are well versed in New York real estate law and are intimately familiar with the diverse sectors driving New York’s economy.  Whether you’re a property developer, investor, landlord, tenant, or lender, our knowledge and skills protect your interests for a seamless transaction.

The team at Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC, goes beyond legal expertise, building lasting relationships with clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering strategic solutions for success. From negotiating complex contracts and commercial lease agreements, to executing complex transactions, we are your strategic ally in New York’s ever evolving real estate world.

Dedicated to turning legal challenges into opportunities, Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC welcomes you to a new era of legal excellence. Experience the Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC advantage.  Contact Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC today.

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Real Estate Closings

Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC represents clients in all types of real estate transactions, from commercial leasing and new construction to refinancing and tax-free exchanges. We have extensive experience in even the most complex real estate transactions.

Commercial Mortgage Lending

The law office of Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC represents clients in all facets of commercial loan transactions, from the drafting of loan documents to negotiations and contract review. We handle all types of commercial lending.

Co-op & Condo Representation

Cooperative and condominium associations have no shortage of legal issues to consider and resolve. As such, it is important for these associations to have an experienced attorney by their side. At Kalamotousakis Law Group PLLC, we provide counsel for clients dealing with all issues related to coop and condo associations, including vendor contracts, internal processes and elections, finances, and litigation.

Construction & Development

It is impossible to drive through any U.S. city and not see, firsthand, the overall health and growth of the construction industry. However, as demand grows, the supply of skilled workers has become dangerously insufficient and lawsuits are on the rise. As a result, the country’s leading construction companies are looking to law firms seasoned in construction and development law to help them manage risk and avoid costly claims.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial lease agreements are among the most common contracts dealt with by small business owners. Even so, commercial lease agreements can be extremely complex, and entering into the wrong type of lease agreement can be disastrous for new business owners.

Over 30 Years Practicing Real Estate Law

With over 30 years of collective experience in real estate law, Kalamotousakis Law Group, PLLC offers unparalleled expertise to every client. Trust our experienced attorneys to guide you through the intricacies of real estate law, delivering peace of mind and effective representation.

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